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What is your passion in life? I love coaching. I have 20+ years experience coaching sports on the high school, competitive and recreation levels. I excel at finding strengths and weaknesses in my athletes and finding the right position or style for them and then giving them personal attention so that they can excel both personally and as a team, both in their sport and in life.

Over the last ten+ years as an accountant, I have learned that my strengths lie in working personally with business owners and those that are responsible for bookkeeping and accounting to help develop them and the processes they are involved in so that they can excel in business and in life.

At the end of the day, I do not provide accounting for my clients, I provide a good nights sleep and a happier, less stressful life.

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Free in office visits!

Because my greatest satisfaction is helping people to develop and to have less stress in their lives, I offer free in office visits to review your QuickBooks file, answer questions you have about QuickBooks and help resolve problems with QuickBooks or general accounting.

Professional Picture

I am comfortable working with most industries, but I especially love working with the construction and non-profit industries because of my experiences and strengths.

I would love to help you out today!

Jeremy Lott
Foundation Accounting & Consulting