Free QuickBooks Help

As I mentioned in my About page, real satisfaction in life for me is in helping people to be able to achieve greatness!

Because of this passion, we have recently changed our name from Foundation Bookkeeping to Foundation Accounting & Consulting better representing the services that we offer and our goals with our clients. We have also made the decision to offer free in-office help for your QuickBooks questions and problems. Call now to schedule a time for us to come by and help you with your QuickBooks and basic accounting problems and questions.

Let's get together to chat and review your QuickBooks file. I will help with your questions and problems and if I don't know the answer, I have extensive resources to find the answer for you.

We can both keep an eye out for your needs and ways that you can improve and grow. If I feel like there are services I offer that can help you, we can chat about the details. Otherwise, there is no obligation or secret agenda in meeting with you.

Call now to set up a time to get together!