QuickBooks Questions Answered by a Certified ProAdvisor

QuickBooks Questions Answered by a Certified ProAdvisor

J.D. started a new business in the Salt Lake City area and began using QuickBooks. He discovered right away that he had no idea what he was doing on QuickBooks when he pulled his first profit and loss report and it did not look like he expected. He wanted to be able to do everything himself when it came to his financial statements but wasn't sure how to make it look right.

To help him with his QuickBooks problem J.D. called Foundation Bookkeeping. He knew that Jeremy is a Certified Salt Lake City QuickBooks ProAdvisor. He knew that this means Jeremy had to study and take tests to become certified. Having this certification means that if Jeremy does not have the answers, he has access to a nationwide network of ProAdvisors that have the answer to every question and scenario possible.

Four hours with Jeremy and J.D understood how to properly use QuickBooks. He now sees what he expects when he pulls reports and he knows that he can call Foundation Bookkeeping in the future if he ever gets hung up again.

Call Jeremy today to get your QuickBooks questions answered and build up the foundation for your business whether you are in Sandy, South Jordan, Salt Lake City, or nearby because...

...Your business THRIVES on a solid FOUNDATION!!!
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jeremy President / CEO