The Biggest Competition in Business in Years

The Biggest Competition in Business in Years

As I sat listening to Joe Woodard (google his name, he is THE go to person for all things QuickBooks), I heard his predictions about the future of QuickBooks and became very excited.

There is a competition looming on the horizon that is perhaps one of the biggest competitions in business that I have seen in my lifetime. This competition revolves around the successful implementation of an online business platform.

You may ask how there could be room in the cloud for such a large development considering how well the internet and SaaS have expanded. The best explanation I can give is to reference Google.

Google is a great example of an attempt at a platform. Google is somewhat like the developer that puts together the beautiful mall.They do not sell anything. They do not offer solutions, they merely offer the real estate that people flock to for their internet searches, socializing, posting of pictures and documents, managing email and calendar, hosting websites, and on, and on, and on.

What resource offers that same solution for small businesses? Yup, no one. This is the open space that Intuit is driving toward with QuickBooks Online. This is the prime real estate that is still up for grabs despite QBO's head start. Who will become the Google platform of the business world?

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