Audit Preparation and Assistance Solutions

Audits are scary and usually the suggestions for your auditors are confusing!

If you require an audit or a review, we can help you prepare for the audit, help you find the information the auditor requests, and then help you to understand the audit report and the recommendations of the auditors and then implement those recommendations as deemed appropriate.

Some of the tools we use to help in the process include:

  • Helping to create schedules for accrual accounts
  • Proper documentation of transactions
  • Assistance with understanding the information the auditor requests
  • Direction and supervision during the audit process
  • Compliance help
  • Presentation to the board or other governing agencies
  • Translation of the audit report
  • Implementation or refusal of auditor recommendations as is appropriate
  • Internal control and process development and implementation

Call now for help to make an audit not scary!