Solutions for Your Bank Account

Solutions for Your Bank Account

Here is the scenario:

Trent owns a construction company and has to check his account balance online several times a day. He has to do this because he knows that if he doesn't, he will end up with surprises and these surprises always result in either bounced checks or leave him scrambling to come up with a solution to cover payroll.

He uses QuickBooks, but just cannot understand the reason that the balance in his bank account online does not match the balance shown in QuickBooks. Furthermore, he has several people with debit cards and several outstanding checks that he knows are not entered into QuickBooks so he just doesn't trust the numbers in QuickBooks.

Trent's accountant tried to explain things to him, but it doesn't make much sense. Mostly, his accountant just wants to do his taxes and tax planning, he doesn't want to do the mundane entry work.

Trent hired Foundation Bookkeeping and was quite cynical about the possibility of a solution, but the cost was reasonable enough that it was worth the small investment to have this cleaned up.

The first step was to reconcile all the bank statements back to the start of the year. Once everything was entered and cleared, then a process was set up and put in place to collect and enter everything accurately and in a timely fashion.

Immediately Trent was able to know how much money he had to spend.

He has not had a bounced check since then and has not had to come up with creative solutions to cover payroll.

He rarely checks his bank account balance online because he knows the numbers in QuickBooks are the most accurate picture of what he has to spend and he reviews what he has weekly and pays his debts weekly.

A bi-product of this whole project is that he has been able to pay down his debts 75%!

Save yourself the pain of not knowing what you have to spend. The process is easy, inexpensive and has been done thousands of times.

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