Which Customers Make You Money

Which Customers Make You Money

You know it is going to happen. The Yellow Pages guy will call you up to renew your advertising. He is going to quote you endless demographics about who is using the phone book. He may even offer you a separate phone number or some way to track the number of calls you receive from people who found you in the phone book.

But did your ad make you any money? Were the people who called from the phone book profitable. Sure you know how many people called, but when you consider the cost of the ad, was it worth your time and money?

Chris is a business owner that was selling coupons on City Deals. He did not know if it was making him any money and this topic was very contested by those in his office. He just didn't know if it was worth his while even though he knew how much business came through his door as a result of the coupon sales.

Chris hired Foundation to help. The first step was to adjust his customer list and then work through a new process on how to enter the information in. Chris has a long customer list, but it still only took three hours to set everything up and train him on the new process.

Now with just a couple clicks of the mouse, Chris can pull a report that shows him exactly how much money he is making from City Deals customers and he knows that it is very profitable for him to be selling these coupons.

The argument is settled and Chris will be renewing his agreement with City Deals...by the way, you are very welcome City Deals!

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