Where Does Your Profit Come From?

Where Does Your Profit Come From?

Kelly has a landscape company in the Salt Lake City area and has set aside some money for advertising. He wants to promote the service that makes him the most money, but has no idea where to begin.

He has a gut feeling that he makes his most money on residential landscape install, but that is just based on the numbers he runs through his head and he is not sure if that is accurate.

Kelly called Foundation Bookkeeping to help him out. The answer required some work on his part, but setting up QuickBooks and creating a system to enter the information correctly into QuickBooks didn't take much time at all.

After a couple of hours working backward through the previous six months, Kelly was finally able to click a couple of buttons to pull up a report that gives him a side by side comparison of how much money each of his services is making him--residential landscape install, residential maintenance, commercial landscape install and commercial maintenance.

Turns out that Kelly was right in his guess to begin with, but now he has no doubts that his advertising will bring the most money to his pocket and it has in fact done just that!

Call Jeremy today to find out how much profit your products and services make you. Know this helps you understand the foundation of your business and...

...Your business THRIVES on a solid FOUNDATION!!!
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